Success is not all about talent as we know it

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 18:46
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Every time we see a person who has achieved significantly in a chosen sphere of activity, there is a natural tendency to admire the person’s talent. We attribute so much of success to ‘talent’, which is defined as something we are naturally endowed with. However, if we were to study the lives of these people carefully, it is clear that talent- as we define it- may only be a small contributor to eventual success.

In a recent interview, Rahul Dravid – one of the greatest cricketers produced by India- addressed the topic of talent and put it in perspective. Afterall, he was not considered a naturally gifted player, but went on to become one of the game’s legends through sheer hard work, grit and determination. He said that we tend to define talent incorrectly, or may be incompletely ie. we focus too much on ‘natural ability’.

My interpretation of what Rahul Dravid said is this: optimising talent and putting it to best use is also an important talent, perhaps more important than raw talent. That is why we have underachievers and overachievers. People who go beyond what everyone’s assessment of their talent is, are called overachievers. We look at them with awe. While those who don’t, are the underachievers – we look at them with mixed feelings of pity, of regret, a perennial question mark on “What might have been” , “what should have been”.

Talent is as much about sharpening the saw, of continuous improvement and betterment. It is about maximising potential and optimising the diverse skills and innate abilities that we are all gifted with or acquire as we grow in life.

If you are committed and work hard enough at a goal, you will be sure to uncover a host of hidden talents that you didn’t know you possessed!

- Contributed by Jeet Victor
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