Spiritual quotient can determine your success

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 3:51
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Most of us are familiar with the terms Intellectual Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ). But have you heard about spiritual quotient? Very much like your IQ and EQ, a new dimension found to human intelligence is known as Spiritual Quotient (SQ). So what is Spiritual Quotient (also referred to as Spiritual Intelligence) all about?

“Spiritual intelligence generally refers to the human need and talent for finding meaning in experience” as quoted by Dana Zohar, a management thought leader, philosopher, physicist and an author.

Spiritual quotient like Intellectual Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) is perceived as an ultimate intelligence of an individual. It is about how you direct your life and how you self heal yourself from the umbrage. The meaning of Spiritual Quotient differs to every individual, but in a nutshell it means self answering the questions related to life, its meaning and your values. Spiritual intelligence allows an individual to motivate oneself to maintain a balance amid their professional and personal life. Your social behavior is also more or less related to your SQ.

It is believed that success has some kind of association with an individual’s physical and mental properties. You need to have the right talent, contacts with right people, right thinking and the right attitude to pursue opportunities. These factors are definitely important but very few people consider spiritual quotient as an essential aspect of success.

The spiritual quotient defines who you are and hence is termed as the foundation of being successful. SQ believes that to have a successful worldly life, you need to be successful from inside. It can happen in reverse but in this case sustainability is a concern. Being humans we always feel wonderful about our own self, which results in to untamed ego that grows stronger and wilder with time thereby making us more self-centered. This in turn leads to failure. For this reason some people achieve success but can’t hold on to it. Self destruction is an outcome of their conflicting lives.

A person as an individual is complete only when he/she is mentally, physically and spiritually complete. Authentic success when put in simple words is a reflection of a person, a mentally, physically and spiritually complete person.

How to incorporate spiritual quotient in your life? It can be done by simply living life as per your core values, which can reflect your true self. Separating core values from conditioned values is not easy. These conditioned values are imposed by friends, family and teachers all your life. But unless you demarcate them, you would lead a life with inner conflict that will always hold you back from achieving real and lasting success.

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