Paul Geelan to present ‘Life at its Best’ seminar in Singapore, Sept 16-19, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014 18:33
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Life at its Best, a four-day principle-based motivational seminar for physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and financial success will be held at the Sengkang Community Hub in Singapore from September 16-19. The seminar will be presented by Paul Geelan, a speaker with a passion for discovering the source of true success, happiness and power in our lives.

During the event, Paul will draw on the wisdom of some of the world’s leading motivational speakers and life mastery experts and demonstrate to not just learn the principles but live them to achieve success and happiness in all their dimensions.

The 4-day seminar series will help attendees how to
* Consistently enjoy positive emotions

* Develop a dynamic spiritual life with unlimited power

* Make effective and good decisions

* Manage time well and cope with stress

* Achieve financial freedom and invest wisely

* Turn fear and failure into one’s friends.

The seminar series comprises of eight 2-hour sessions delivered over the 4-day period. Entry is free, though prior-registration for the event is essential. To register call, (65) 86118914 or visit:

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