Success Tips

  • Be happy to be successful, says Harvard researcher

    Most people believe that success leads to happiness. However, research shows that this cause and effect relationship between success and happiness is actually inverted. More than successful people being happy, the scenario is other way around: being happy increases the chances of one’s success in any sphere of life.

    Shawn Achor, who wrote the hugely popular The Happiness Advantage, has carried out extensive research at Harvard on Happiness and proves with data that happy people tend to be more successful. recently carried an interview with Shawn Achor, where he explains his mantras for happiness and success. Excerpts from the interview and the key points the author mentions, are given here.

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  • Finding meaning and fulfilment in work and life

    I was a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ at the recent IIMPACT 2014 event in Singapore that featured distinguished speakers from different parts of the world. One of the sessions that I found particularly interesting and stimulating was titled “The Meaning of Work: From the Internet to The Inner-net”, which is very pertinent today in the age of work-place stress and stress-related ailments and abysmal ‘employee engagement’ statistics (it seems the global average for employee engagement is less than 15%!).

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  • 3 essential time management tips for better productivity

    Effective time management is one of the most important life skills that one can master. It is no wonder that the most successful in any field seem to have the luxury of time with them. Obviously, the fact is that they do not have any more time than anyone of us- since time is perhaps the only resource that every human being is born equally with- but that they manage their time really well such that it gives the impression that they control time rather than the other way around. Can time management be learnt? Yes, of course it can because it is a skill. It is a habit that can be developed and programmed into your system with rigorous and determined practice. Giving yourself the gift of more time is perhaps the best gift that you can earn- so, don’t shy away from this challenge.

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  • Top 3 myths on memory improvement

    Improving your memory is a skill and involves a process. Before you initiate this process, it is important to get some facts right about your brain. Nothing is sadder than not being able to take action by believing in certain myths about memory. How do you come out if this?

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  • How to be happy: mantras from Andrew Mathews, Australian author and speaker

    Andrew Mathews is a well-known Australian speaker and writer who speaks and writes extensively on happiness. The author of Being Happy and How Life Works (among others) was one of the popular speakers at the National Achievers Congress 2014 in Singapore held on May 30-June 01. Over two different sessions delivered even as he sketched cartoons, he listed several mantras for being happy and attracting perennial happiness which are summarised below.

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  • 8 success tips from Jerome Tan, serial entrepreneur and property investor

    Jerome Tan was one of the first speakers at the National Achiever’s Congress 2014 in Singapore, held at the Resorts World Sentosa Convention Centre. A multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur and property investor, Jerome owns over 20 businesses and 100 properties in different parts of the world. He is the author of ‘From Bankruptcy To Multi-Millions In 7 Years’ and ‘Living On Wealthfare’.

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  • The simplest financial success mantra

    Most of us crave financial success, by which I mean a sense of contentment that we have enough to take care of our immediate needs and wants for a reasonable length of time should circumstances go against us. Note that I am not referring to being “rich” here- which,of course, is another legitimate aspiration. However, being financially well-off is a step in the climb to becoming rich and so here I will highlight that simple mantra for achieving this initial level of financial comfort. This is such a simple and obvious mantra that you might question why it is so important, but I am confident that it is effective.

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  • The route to success is only through failure!

    If you believe in something, why not believe in yourself? Nevertheless, there are bad times when you need inspiration to motivate you and lead you to the path of self belief and true happiness in the soul. What then… Success will follow!

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Success Products

  • New Book Helps Teenagers Discover the Secret to Success

    For Teenagers Only; Success Starts Now introduces success techniques to teenagers who talk about becoming successful but aren’t sure how to accomplish it. These success techniques will help them develop a positive winning attitude in their thinking, actions, and daily habits while helping them create a plan for their future.

    February 9, 2010 – in today’s fast paced world many teenagers seem to think that becoming successful is no longer within their reach. For Teenagers Only; Success Starts Now, was written to give hope and direction by introducing success techniques that teenagers can start practicing every day while they’re still young. The book will help teenagers to develop a positive attitude and they will begin to strive for integrity and excellence in everything they do. (more…)

  • The Secret- Rhonda Byrne

    The Secret- Rhonda ByrneRhonda Byrne is certainly not the first person to talk about The Law of Attraction. However, she does so quite powerfully in her book ‘The Secret’ citing people from various other fields who have acheived success by following the principles of the law of attraction and consequently, positive thinking. (more…)

  • You Can Be Happy No Matter What- Richard Carlson

    ou Can Be Happy No Matter What - Richard CarlsonHappiness is our natural state and nothing to do with forces beyond our control, says #1 New York Times bestselling author and nationally known stress-management consultant Dr. Richard Carlson. In this book, he uncovers a profound breakthrough in human psychology. Contrary to common belief that happiness depends on outside circumstances-that by solving our problems, improving our relationships, or achieving success we will find contentment- Dr.Carlson shows that happiness is our natural state. (more…)


  • Paul Geelan to present ‘Life at its Best’ seminar in Singapore, Sept 16-19, 2014

    Life at its Best, a four-day principle-based motivational seminar for physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and financial success will be held at the Sengkang Community Hub in Singapore from September 16-19. The seminar will be presented by Paul Geelan, a speaker with a passion for discovering the source of true success, happiness and power in our lives.

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  • Wealth Summit to be held in Singapore on Aug 15-17

    The 3-day Wealth Summit to be organised at the Resorts World Convention Centre in Sentosa, Singapore during Aug 15-17, 2014 will feature a line-up of fabulous international speakers and experts in the art and science of wealth creation. Organised by Success Resources, one of the world’s pre-eminent conference/seminar organisers, this year’s event will feature Mary Buffet and Richard Duncan, among others.

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  • Make It Happen self-development course from Chinmaya International Foundation

    The Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF) is now offering Make It Happen- an interactive, online programme on how to achieve success, happiness & prosperity in life. Developed by Swami Swaroopananda, this novel self-development program is based on the wisdom of ancient Indian scriptures and is presented in the form of 18 sequential chapters with exercises.

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