Fail your way to success

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 3:09
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Making a mistake is not your fault; repeating it, is. A smart person is one who learns from his mistakes and does not repeat it. ‘Failure is a stepping stone towards success,’ we all know this adage, but how many of us really understand it?

Observe a little child trying to get his shoes on. The first few times, he will confuse the right with left, only to be corrected by an adult. After repeated mistakes, the child finally learns the right way to wear shoes. If the child gave up after repeated failures, he would never learn the right way of wearing shoes!

A small baby learns to walk, to eat and to talk. Nothing of this comes at once, the child stumbles and falls, only to stand up again and walk some more.

Failures are stumbling blocks, and should be treated likewise. No failure is potent enough to make you give up on your dreams of success.

Nothing teaches you more valuable lessons than failure. It teaches us how things are done, what works and what does not. However, you can learn these valuable lessons only when you shed the ‘why me’ attitude. It is in your hands to transform the gravest failure into the biggest stepping-stone.

Tackle failure with the right attitude

We all know that everything in the universe is in opposite pairs. For every yin, there is a yang. So what is the antidote for failure?

It is your willpower and positive attitude – as simple as that. It is in your hands, rather your mind, to ensure that you succeed, no matter what.

The mantra of every successful person is ‘mind over matter’. No ‘matter’ how devastating the failure is, your ‘mind’ should be set on reaching the goal.

Believe in yourself

Generally, people have the ‘crab mentality’, which makes them bitter. Crab mentality is a Filipino phrase that describes the notion ‘if I can’t have it, neither can you’. If you wish to succeed, it is important for you to de-clutter your life and eliminate such negative thought and people. Surround yourself with people who fill you with positivity. The most important thing is to believe in you. Give your 100% in whatever you do. There will always be people who, out of jealousy and spite, will demean you and criticize you unfairly. In such cases, keep your focus on your aim, giving no attention to such negative thoughts. The importance of failure and learning from it has been beautifully summarized in this following quote:

‘I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.’ -   Michael Jordan

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