Belief-the key ingredient for winning and success

Monday, July 9, 2012 17:18
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Ask any winner about his or her secret to success and it is almost certain that a deep inner belief about their ability to win or succeed will be one constant factor. Belief is the foundation on which success is built; the stronger this foundation, the higher you can go.

Even winners lose sometimes; great champions are known to have bitten the dust and have been humbled by defeat. However, what separates a true champion is the innate tendency to shrug off the occasional defeat as a mere obstacle in their quest for the ultimate victory.

Take for example, Roger Federer. He has crossed the age of 30, an age when most would expect tennis players to go downhill; he hadn’t won a Grand Slam for a couple of years and was becoming a lot more used to defeats at the hands of other top notch players on the men’s circuit. Increasingly, Roger Federer was being branded a ‘has been’ – an all-time great of the game, nevertheless- but someone who was past his prime and unlikely to be a serious championship contender at the Majors.

But, beware the man who truly believes! Beware the man who is prepared, who continues to put in loads of hard work with total commitment, dedication and unflinching determination– victory is never too far for such a person. A person like that hardly fits in on the side of the vanquished; it is inevitable that he will find himself a victor, sooner rather than later.

That is precisely what happened at Wimbledon 2012. Roger Federer overcame sceptics to win his 7th Wimbledon championship, in the process dashing not just the hopes of Andy Murray but also of entire Britain. In his post-match conference, Federer made a telling statement, “I never stopped believing.” He said he always knew that he was good enough, he was preparing hard, putting in the hard yards and playing great tennis too; so, it was only a matter of time before victory would be his.

That is the power of belief. Even when one’s confidence may get shaken at times, a strong foundation of belief provides the requisite strength to hold everything together and take one towards success.

Chant the “I Can” mantra
“Yes! I can” is one of the most important mantras for a winner; an amazingly powerful mantra that can propel one to the seemingly unscalable heights of success.

- Jeet Victor
Jeet Victor is an inspirational writer who writes on a range of topics related to winning, success, motivation and self-actualisation.

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