MyndGenie presents “Turbocharge Your Mind” Program

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 22:58
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Date: 18th March 2012, Sunday

Venue: Indranagar Club, Bangalore

Time: 9:30am to 5:30pm

Change your brain, change your life!

Brain studies show that if you are in your mid 20s, you are very likely to have already wasted nearly 2 years of your life! And the loss only increases every year.

So how does this happen? Mental blocks, fears, limiting beliefs and… Stress creates brain patterns that impact age, health, money, relationships and career.

So how can you get into your best state of mind, anytime, anyday, anywhere for anything, irrespective of the situation?

Through brain science. You can change your brain within 30 minutes and live powerfully!

MyndGenie presents “Turbocharge your mind”,
the first of its kind brain science program, simplified for everyone.

1. Know how your brain thinks in different situations through “your personal brain profile”

2. Master how to command your brain with 5 powerful brain tools

3. Blast through any fear, any limitation, change any habit and turbocharge your mind for peak performance

Your brain profile. 5 brain conditioning tools. Total immersion.

Do not miss a special introductory offer.

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To register for the event please click here -

Contact Joseph @ +91-90361 12660


If you need to see MyndGenie in action, walk in for a free demo session on 14th and 15th March at @Ugesh Sarcar’s Creative Studio, opposite Fun World at 5 PM

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