Overcome fear: tips to live with fear without being afraid of it!

Thursday, June 7, 2012 22:48

So this is about fear. Give me a break. Who is afraid, of what and why should I be bothered?

Really? If you think you are not afraid of anything, think about it again. Do you do everything that you want to do? Are there things that you want to do but are not sure, have doubts, hesitation about. What stops you? It is not someone else, something else outside but your friendly neighborhood fear! It can start off as a hesitation, grow into a doubt, make you feel uncertain, create a feeling of tension, anxiety and finally stop you on your tracks! Welcome to the reality of fear. Along with its cousins, uncertainty and doubt, the three emotions can either empower you or make you feel powerless.

True power starts when you face your inner monsterlings and leverage them- if they grow they become true blue monsters. Fear, uncertainty and doubt are emotional responses to situations. For every emotional response, you have a choice of an alternative emotion. How about freedom, courage, certainty, clarity? Have you ever felt these emotions in your life- any time- may be at school, college at work, in the family, socially… Now, you have potent weapons in your mind.

So how do you conquer fear?
Here are some actions you should take to overcome- rather, conquer, your fear.

Define the emotion and give it a form

The conquest of fear starts when you define the emotion. Give your fear a form, a shape, and define its intensity. Trying to rationalize the emotion may not be effective, for every logical explanation on why you should not get afraid, there is a powerful opposing logic that supports your fear and makes it real. So instead of rationalizing it, define it, make it appear in front of you.

Face your fear

The next step is to face it. Meet fear eye to eye. When you start seeing it, you put fear into perspective. See the physical definition of fear, not the imagination of the hurt from fear. See it like the way you would see a glass bottle. When you bring it to life you will know the purpose of your fear- which could be a warning or unpreparedness or not knowing what is going to happen. It is no longer the monster- or even if it is, you can see it than allowing it to dance inside you.

Leverage your choice

The third step is to leverage your choice. Once you start seeing fear defined, choose a time when you felt strong, courageous, bold. Bring those forces right inside of you and grow them. Make them stronger and bigger than the defined fear. And then decide how you want this power to handle your fear. Whichever way that makes you feel powerful.

Take powerful action

And finally, take one powerful action. If you have been avoiding a discussion DO it. If you have been hesitant to get out and meet a person or do something, just do it.

When you do that you release fear, and create power. Fear can then become your ally and a guide. Take charge. Live Powerfully.

- Article contributed by V.Bharathwaj. This article was originally published on the MyndGenie blog.
Bharathwaj is the founder and CEO of MyndGenie Systems, an emotional wellness management company from India.

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