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Friday, July 20, 2012 4:13
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Heather Hans, a successful psychotherapist, intuitive coach, spiritual guide, and business woman, believes in the power of total well-being to lead a successful and harmonious life. She has been assisting people who have the passion to succeed. According to her, if a person is creative, motivated, astute, brave, and has the innate desire to do something for the world, impossible is nothing.

Personally, Heather has achieved great levels of success in her life. Dedication, time, and accountability are the three building blocks if you want to achieve success and fulfill your dreams.

Five tips for a successful life by Heather Hans

1. Believe in yourself – Our desires are the stimulus of our thoughts. Therefore, whatever you have achieved so far has a direct relation to the fact that you had faith in yourself that you could do it. Once this undying faith is established, you can move on to other steps to obtain success.

2. Attain total health and healing – There is a strong interrelation between mind-body-spirit. Therefore, you should work on developing a harmony within your mind, body, and soul – the trio serves as the foundation for success. You can take help of self-help books and professionals in your goal to sustain a good physical, mental and spiritual health. Be diligent in your efforts and always trust your instincts.

3. Discover your inner desires – Explore within and find out your deepest desires. Together with your hard work, the law of the universe would also turn in your favor to let you accomplish your goals. Ascertain the goals that are in tune with your values. The law of attraction states that focusing on positive thoughts will give you positive results provided your goals are in harmony with the world. The universe will push you towards your goals if they sow the seeds of love and betterment of the world.

4. Align your goals and be brave – Positive thoughts can certainly help create a positive aura to achieve a goal but only intentions wouldn’t help. You need to work hard to create a blueprint of your goals. Create plans, seize the opportunities, develop a proactive nature and look for results. A number of factors would try to stop you from achieving your big dreams, these are mere roadblocks, ignore them. Diligently work towards your goal. Remember, if something is not happening as per your plan, a new plan would do the trick. Don’t give up at any step.

5. Enjoy your life – The whole exercise of dream fulfillment is to help you realize your inner desires and lead a happy life. So why not enjoy it while in the process of dream fulfillment. If you are enjoying the whole process, you would be more relaxed with your present state and hence will have renewed energy that will drive more creative ideas and results. Besides, what is more satisfying than enjoying life.

These five success strategies from Heather Hans can put you on the road to success. Follow these step-by-step to lead a harmonious life.

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