Visualizing your way to success

Monday, August 16, 2010 2:22

‘If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.’ —Henry David Thoreau

Imagination is the creative ability of your mind that helps you form an image of an object or an experience before you bring it to physical reality. The Power of imagination helps you visualize things that cannot be seen. Simply put, imagination is seeing through mental images. This power is inherent in all of us and can be developed to a very high level.

If you study the lives of great entrepreneurs, scientists and inventors, you will find that by using creative visualization they developed a strong mental picture of what they wanted to achieve. They used the Power of Imagination to give a tangible shape to their ‘inside picture’.

You too have the Power of Imagination. It is a myth that only a few people possess the Power of Imagination. Every human has it; you too have this power within you. It is just that you might not have developed it as much as an Einstein or an Edison. But with perseverance and practice, you can enlarge your Power of Imagination to achieve amazing things.

Think for a moment: you are what you are today because somewhere in the cycle of time in the past you imagined yourself to be what you should be.

And here you are. By the same logic, if today you imagine yourself to be somewhere in the future, that is where you will reach. Isn’t it amazing?

You have the Power of Imagination to change your existing reality. All you need to do is imagine a new set of exceptional images about yourself and keep reminding yourself that you have to achieve your goals.

By reorienting your mental images, you change your belief system. By reorienting your beliefs, you change your expectations about yourself. By reorienting your expectations, you change your attitude. By reorienting your attitude, you change your behavioural patterns. By reorienting your behavioural patterns, you change your performance level. And by reorienting your performance level, you change your life.

Two Action Steps:

Step 1: Create a mental screen. Find a quiet place and sit in a relaxed manner. Look at your surroundings and then close your eyes. Think of your mind as a film screen that helps you recreate the things you saw just moments earlier. To begin with, repeat this process four or five times a day.

Step 2: Prepare the mental screen to visualize thoughts as pictures. As your mental screen becomes strong, you can visualize things with ease. You can prepare it to play films of past and future events. As you train your mind, you will gradually develop the ability to visualize things even while your eyes are open.

Success Mantra: Visualize what you want to achieve and create a strong mental image of your goals. Hold these images till you make them come true.

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