New Book: Happiness Is Just a Bowl of Choices by Michael Rice, LISAC, RTC

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 4:31
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Mesa, AZ February 2, 2010 — Mike Rice of Mesa, AZ. has captured the value of Dr. Glasser’s Choice Theory to address the means of finding and maintaining happiness in life.
Happiness is a state of mind that everyone seeks to attain and maintain each and every day of their life. All of our daily behavior serves the purpose of acquiring that happiness. We have certain basic genetic psychological needs and in order to achieve happiness, we are hard-wired to seek to have these needs met. If not achieved, a person will develop any number of creative behaviors in an attempt to get these needs met or to compensate for their absence. It could be stated that the struggle for happiness is the driving force behind what may be considered to be normal, as well as abnormal, behavior.
Happiness Is Just a Bowl of Choices explains how we process information; how External Control Psychology is behind the majority of all unhappiness; the Seven Deadly Habits that destroys relationships; Our Quality World; Our Five Basic and Genetic Needs that motivate all of our behavior; the Creative Mind; our Behavior Systems; Total Behavior; and finally, the three ways to resolve all unhappiness and conflict in one’s life.
Everyone wants to be happy but all too often, we don’t know how to maintain it once we find it. Besides the obvious trials and tribulations of unhappiness that is brought on by virtue of earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and war, the majority of unhappiness is the result of the lack of meaningful relationships in one’s life or, of not having a particular relationship with someone important to us in our life.
Too often energy and effort is spent trying to get someone else to behave in a manner that is more acceptable to our preference (External Control Psychology) but it doesn’t work. Consequently, we choose to frustrate, depress, worry, as well have physical and emotional problems that manifest themselves in the form of lack of sleep or constantly being tired, loss of appetite or binge eating, substance abuse, even aches and pains including fibromyalgia and/or “mental illness.”
Interestingly enough, there happens to be no pathology for any of the so called “mental illnesses” and above-named behaviors. People choose the behaviors in which they live in an unhappy existence or condition because not to do so would seem to make them feel worse than they currently do. This book helps us to understand and break the cycle of unhappiness.
About the Author: Mike Rice is a certified Reality Therapy and Choice Theory therapist whose work is solidly based upon Dr. William Glasser’s world renowned “Choice Theory.” Mr. Rice has been in private practice for several years and also writes and lectures throughout the Western Region of the U.S. on alcohol and drug abuse/dependence as well as finding and maintaining happiness in one’s life. More information about Mike can be found on his web site at:
His books are available via, or by ordering them through your local bookstore.

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