How to be happy at work?

Monday, August 23, 2010 5:38
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We all love the first day of our new job. Then time flies, and the same workplace gets irritating and superlatively boring. To top it off, you have an irritating boss and an increment is the last thing you care about. So, what is it that is going wrong? It’s because we don’t want to be happy at work. Instead of seeing the glass as half full, you’re seeing it as half empty. If you’re happy, rest everything will fall into place and nothing will seem boring.

Here I have sorted a few ways to be happy at work.

Smile to everyone around you. Even if you hate the people around you, all you got to do is smile and be happy for yourself. Don’t mind who thinks what about you. The more you smile, the less complex everything else will seem to you.

2. Develop
This is a fast paced selfish world. The sooner you realize the better. So, don’t wait for someone to come, hold your hand and help you develop personally and professionally. You’re in charge of your own self and it is your responsibility to look out for all possible opportunities to develop in every possible way.

3. Always ask for feedback
For anyone to prosper it is always important to gain feedback from the experienced and the less experienced. One can never achieve growth if they are just doing something aimlessly, as one just ends up making innumerable mistakes.

4. Meet deadlines
It is important to meet deadlines at work as that creates a good impression about you. However, make sure that you never over-promise and under-deliver.

5. Stay positive
Avoid as much negativity possible. Think about it, when you speak negative about anyone, do you feel any better? It’s just spoils your mood even more. So try and avoid such negative interactions. Let people be the way they are. You have the power to change, but only yourself. So just be indifferent to negativity and be happy.

May be a new job could be the answer to your problems, but the right attitude, a positive mindset, a desire and commitment to continuously develop, improve and accomplish are pre-requisites for a permanent ticket to happiness and fulfillment at work.

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