Finding passion in your job versus making your passion your job

Thursday, July 29, 2010 20:05

Carina Tien, founder of The Voice Room in Singapore, gives a step-by-step guide to find happiness by finding your purpose in life, following your passion and living life to the fullest. Enjoy the process without worrying about the outcome, she says.

If given a chance, will you try to find passion in your job or to make your passion your job?

I believe those who had tried and/or are still trying to find passion in their job, will find it hard to succeed. In any part of our life, we are always being told what we should do and what we should not do. But how do these people who tell us know exactly what we like to do and what we are actually good at? Take for example, Mother A tells her son that he should pursue a business degree because it is essential for him to climb the corporate ladder. Or, Father B tells his son to study medicine because most of their family members are in the medical industry. Mother C tells her daughter to study law because she can earn good money and have a good living standard. Mother D tells her son to stay put in his current job, regardless of his unhappy situation there, just because it is hard to find a job in a tight economic situation. Many of them remain unhappy because they have to find passion in their job, which is hard.

Imagine this. You are sitting on your couch, thinking about what you really like to do, your life purpose and passion. Suddenly you see the light and you know what you want in life. Do you have the courage to pursue it? What are the fears and worries? Do you start questioning yourself with the “what if”, “how” and the “but”? Are these the subjects that are stopping you from initiating your first step to your life purpose?

The person in you who questions you with the “what if”, “how and “but” is your ego. Your ego hates to see you being awakened and be yourself. He is always trying to stop you from pursuing your own happiness. He tries very hard to associate you with him. Therefore, in order to be able to handle this false identity, you need to separate yourself from your ego. Once you are able to separate yourself from your ego, you will be able to put your mind at ease and pursue the life you want.

Next, start working on the passion and seize opportunities. Turn your passion to competency. If you need to pick up new skills, go and acquire the skills. You might need to pay some money to learn these skills but it is worth investing your time and money as you will figure it out. Keep experiencing different things. Do not fear failures. Great men failed multiple times before they could succeed. If you are new to the industry, find mentors and leverage on their skills and experience.

You don’t have to quit your current job to embrace your newfound passion. You can do it as a freelancer. Once you are confident with the business, you can go full-time and this could be your second career.

Constantly visualize the happiness in you, doing what you like to do. Understand the Law of Attraction, that is, positive thoughts attract positive energies. I found my passion 20 years ago, that is singing. Now, I am embracing my passion full-time, teaching voice. I found my purpose in life and am living my life to the fullest. I am sure you can too. If you enjoy what you are doing, you will not mind working for long hours because every second is an enjoyment.

Here is a step-by-step guide to find and live your life purpose:

- Find your passion – what do you like to do?

- List down all the positive barriers such as acquiring new skills. Invest in it if there is a need to.

- Start working on your passion. Seize opportunities. Look for mentors who can help you build your career.

- Don’t be afraid of failures. Experiment with different things. Learn from every failure.

- Set your goal and vision. Ensure your goal and vision points towards inspiring people and enriching others’ lives rather than mere monetary goals.

- Don’t worry about the outcome, just embrace and enjoy the process. If you are positive you will attract positive energy and good things will happen to you.

Carina Tien is the founder of The Voice Room, Singapore, and specializes in voice and speech training. The Voice Room has recently launched a Voice Teaching Mastery Program, allowing inspiring entrepreneurs to be trained and have a head start to the voice teaching profession. The Voice Room promotes: Self-Confidence; Opportunities; Entrepreneurship; Life Purpose; Passion; Dreams and Self-Achievement. Find out more on The Voice Room Website.

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