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Saturday, April 4, 2009 20:28
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Iain O’Brien is a good cricketer from New Zealand. He is seen as a good, honest trier who is never short of effort. He is unlikely to be counted among the greats of New Zealand cricket, such as Sir Richard Hadlee, but he will hopefully be remembered for being a decent fast bowler who made a positive contribution to the Kiwis.

More than his cricket perhaps– and O’Brien himself will find it a bit annoying- he is becoming very popular with his daily blog. His honest writing about about the day-to-day events on the cricket field and the change rooms — with humility written  all over it– now has a huge following. The personal touch to the blog has endeared him to a lot of Indian cricket fans, who in fact wish him well, even when he is playing against the Indians.

Buried within one of his recent blog posts is a little lesson that I thought is definitely worth sharing. He writes, “If you find a job that no one else wants to do, learn to do it well- it’s yours for as long as you can do it for, and that’s been my secret on me making and staying in the Wellington team, and how I got my chance to play for the Black Caps.”

It’s a simple mantra that can take someone a long way anytime, but most certainly during one of the toughest economic times that the world is going through currently. Following that one tip stamps your personality with a host of highly valued attributes: risk taker, shrewd, determined, ability to overcome internal (self) resistance, and commitment.

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