Pure optimism – A prerequisite to success and happiness

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 22:31
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Having a positive frame of mind can help you achieve anything that you want. There is no doubt that an optimistic mindset is a prerequisite to lead a happy life. However, there are people who doubt this. Maybe you tried to have an optimistic mindset, but still couldn’t get the results that you desired. This could happen when your underlying messages are not optimistic. Just a positive mindset on a superficial level would not help you reach success. The core needs to be optimistic for true success and well-being. A person is said to be fully optimistic when he is free of the past baggage and fully engaged in the present.

A façade of positivism topped up on old and limiting beliefs would not free you from the struggle or fear of ordinary life. Your beliefs, such as, ‘I am no good’ pulls you down even if your mind is filled with positivity.

Most of us claim to have a positive attitude but blame a list of people or situations about something that we could not attain. The energy that lies within drives your behavior to a particular situation and not the other way round. If you lack the passion and devotion from within, no matter the positive attitude you display, it won’t work.

Fully integrated optimism: Do you have it?

  • Is your mind positive enough to look at a pool of possibilities that exists?
  • Do you have a kind, open and loving heart?
  • Do you feel vibrant, alive, and full of energy?
  • Are you connected with your soul?

If the answer is yes, then you are optimistic from the core. Real optimism lies in the soul more than your mind.

How to achieve an integrated positive mind?

  1. 1. Free your old thoughts and beliefs

We all have our thought bank and belief system that stops us from hearing our inner soul. Therefore, to experience the magic of pure optimism, commit to listen what your inner soul speaks. If old thoughts are blocking your way, put them aside; free yourself from the belief system.

  1. 2. Put down the burdens of the past

Remember, the past is gone; you don’t have to carry it forever. Let it go. If you continue to carry the past baggage, you would not be able to make new choices or take risks.

  1. 3. Live in the present

Once you have burned down the past, actively make efforts to live in the present. Seize the opportunities that are present now, at this moment.

  1. 4. Don’t listen to your ego mind

Have you ever heard a voice inside you that convinces you to be feared and afraid? You have to learn to quiet your ego mind. This can be done if you have a strong connect with your inner soul. Only then can you hear the voice of your higher mind, soul, and heart. Be guided by your soul and not your ego mind.

Now you are ready to enjoy the fruits of a truly optimistic mind. Practice this and you will see how success will become your companion.

Adapted from an article, The Magic of Pure Optimism , published on Positively Positive.

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