Change your words, change your destiny

Monday, August 23, 2010 18:03

‘Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.’
—Leo Buscaglia

There is a story about three boys who were climbing a tree. The one reaching the top first was to be the winner. From down below, their peers and families kept shouting, ‘Don’t go up. It’s too high. You may fall.’ Soon, two boys gave up as they were listening to these negative suggestions. But one boy kept climbing and reached the top. Can you guess why this boy won? Because he had put cotton in his ears and listened only to his inner voice that constantly told him, ‘You can reach the top.’ Had he listened to the negative words of the people standing around the tree, he too might have given up. But he kept moving up and reached the top. The moral of the story: you must turn a deaf ear to all the words that arouse fear, insecurity or doubt in your mind.

People who say you can’t do something are usually those who have either never tried or given up quickly and accepted defeat as a reality.

Your words can shape your destiny and create the kind of life you wish to live. The words that you think, say, write or act upon have a direct role in moulding your road to success. Each word that surrounds your soul, mind and body comes with a spirit that has a powerful influence. Every word that you think, read or act upon has the seed of creation and the potential to grow into the tree of success.

Words are the powerful means through which you express your thoughts. Each word has a spirit. Once spoken or written, it sets a spiritual phenomenon in motion that materializes into a physical shape: either in a creative or a destructive way, corresponding to the intention with which the word is expressed. Words generate a great power when they are mixed with emotions and repeated over time.

Most people develop a pessimistic attitude towards life because they probably did not get enough words of appreciation, support or encouragement when they were young. Therefore, you must make a conscious effort not to be influenced by negative words even if you hear or read them.

The Power of Words has a tremendous influence on our behaviour and actions in daily life. Your belief system is made up of and kept alive through your internal dialogue: the communication that you have with yourself. This self-talk has a great impact on your mind. Internal communication is at work all day, even while you are sleeping. Your intentions spur the selection of the words you say to yourself. Positive words are chosen in case of a positive intention and destructive words are picked in case of a destructive intention.

While a genuine word of appreciation can inspire you to improve your performance, a word of criticism may discourage you. For example, when a child receives constant assurance from his parents that he has the capability to do whatever he wants to, the child keeps on going. If the same child is repeatedly told that he is miserable and cannot improve, he feels dejected and may become a pessimist.

Two Action Steps:

Step 1: Guard your self-talk. Your internal dialogue is the single most important factor that helps you achieve success. Words can instil enthusiasm, create positive energy and bring out the best in us.

Step 2: Make a notebook of positive words and inspirational quotes. Words, when used effectively, have the potential to inspire positive action. You should write down positive words and quotes in a notebook and dip into it a couple of times each day.

Success Mantra
Think, speak, read, write and listen to only positive, beautiful and affirmative words (as far as possible). The words that touch you in any form affect you strongly and shape your thoughts, attitudes and character—the three foundations of success.

©Shishir Srivastava, Motivational Speaker and Author ‘The Eight Powers within You’ .

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